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100005, h. 124, Sarakul str. Mirabad district Tashkent Uzbekistan

О компании

BORIS INTERNATIONAL is the leading supplier of performance products of geotextiles geomembranes for the construction, landscape, erosion control, water conservancy project and turf industries.

BORIS INTERNATIONAL takes pride in providing premium quality, cost-efficient geotextiles geomembranes with our European partners. Our employees are customer and product focused in each of our business areas: Engineering, Manufacturing, Installation, Testing, Finance, Administration and Informational Services.

BORIS INTERNATIONAL offers a broad range of geotextiles geomembranes to satisfy the most complex engineering demands for drainage, filtration, asphalt overlay, separation, stabilization, erosion, sedimentation control and waterproof applications. Selected and produced to meet the most stringent regulatory requirements.

BORIS INTERNATIONAL’s products are backed by a commitment to quality and performance on which both the specifier and user can rely with confidence.

BORIS INTERNATIONAL also provides a full range of technical support to ensure that these products deliver the expected results.

Produced from synthetic material, our products perform in tandem with our environment. Their durability and resistance to most chemical and biological encounters in construction applications make them an excellent protector of nature.

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100005, h. 124, Sarakul str. Mirabad district Tashkent Uzbekistan